Endpoint Protection

JBN is able to offer a fully comprehensive internet & e-mail security solution that is in keeping with BS ISO 27001 & assists the organisation to embrace the web with safety & security. To compete in today’s market, a business needs more than just constant internet connectivity, it needs the assurance that essential information can be retrieved across any communication channel.

Endpoint Protection Service for Business

The perfect IT Security solution for SMBs – we’ve got your back covered.

Today businesses use more devices than ever before. The network perimeter extends to wherever your colleagues happen to be – which is often on the road. Of course the more devices your company has, the more vulnerabilities you’re exposed to. With attacks doubling in number each year and growing in sophistication, it’s hard to stay on of top of cyber security.

Yet security is just a small part of what you do. How do you keep everything secure with the limited time and resources that you have? We can show you how. A comprehensive affordable security solution – available on a MONTHLY or annual subscription.

From best-in-class endpoint protection to incident response, we cover all your business’ IT security needs. From mobiles, servers and endpoints, we provide 1 simple solution to protect your whole environment. It’s the only solution on the market that combines an easy, cloud-based management portal, along with integrated patch and mobile device management.

Protection Service for Business features

Best Security. Modern, award-winning security, proven by independent industry experts
All endpoints. Secure all your endpoints – computers, mobiles and servers – hassle free
Easy to manage. Deploy, monitor and control everything from one easy to use management portal
Patch Management – automatic deployment of security patches
No hardware required – fully hosted in the cloud. Online management portal
Real-time threat intelligence – via our vendor Security Cloud
Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers

Award-winning technology

Our vendor recently won AV Test’s ‘2016 Best Protection Award’ making the company a five-time winner of the award – the only company in the history of AV Test to achieve such a distinction.

In addition, the vendor has also been recognised in industry awards as having the ‘Best SMB Security Solution’ (V3 Awards, 2016).

How do we protect our customers against Ransomware

Our vendor products blocked the recent Petya and WannaCry ransomware outbreak. Our endpoint products proactively prevented all in-the-wild examples of the WannaCry ransomware. Very reassuring for our customers.

The vendor detected the ransomware since its inception, meaning that the protection was available to all endpoint customers even before the outbreak. The multi-layer protection against ransomware ensured that the attack was stopped in multiple points:

  1. Integrated patch management feature, Software Updater, prevented the ransomware from exploiting of the EnternalBlue vulnerability by automatically deploying the related security patches.
  2. The Deepguard functionality provided host-based behavioural analysis and exploit interception that blocked the ransomware. White Paper available on request.
  3. Firewall prevented ransomware from spreading laterally in the environment and encrypting files.

For more information on protecting your business, contact us for a free 30-day trial today. We can also arrange a FREE no obligation web demo with one our endpoint security specialists on request.


F-Secure Endpoint Security Solutions


Securing your mobile devices ahead of GDPR

With GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) enforceable from May 2018, smartphones need to be just as compliant as other devices in the office. Smartphones and tablets are packed with sensitive data that can be compromised anywhere at any time. That poses a huge risk to your business, meaning mobile must be considered within your overall GDPR compliance strategy.

F-Secure: Freedome for Business

F-Secure provides best-in-class endpoint protection and cyber security solutions, ensuring your sensitive data is secured. With Freedome for Business, you get complete security and privacy for all your employee’s devices, everywhere, all the time.

Free Trial

Along with F-Secure, we are offering you a FREE TRIAL of Freedome for Business, so you can see, first hand, how easy it is to secure your VPN, enabling your mobile fleet to work worry-free, wherever they are.

Don’t just hope things will work out. Take control.

Achieve Security

  • Secure your mobile devices
  • Protect mobile data and traffic
  • Encrypt all personal traffic with VPN
  • Safeguard web browsing
  • Neutralise device loss and theft with remote wipe

Achieve Control

  • Gain visibility of your mobile fleet
  • Enforce passcodes
  • Monitor and track attempted attacks
  • Identify issues for quick remediation
  • Select virtual location
  • Empower employees abroad

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Email security policy

Be able to facilitate email communication by allowing confidential emails to authorised users whilst preventing data loss. Protect users by blocking user access via emails to websites which may have been compromised- or otherwise hosting malicious content from URL’s received in emails. Our solution encompasses multiple layers of intelligence that provides the best protection from today’s complex threats such as spam, viruses, malware, phishing and harmful URL’s.
We can protect with layers that are fully automated and deliver continuous protection- whilst your employees can focus on more strategic initiatives

  • Antivirus protection- multiple antivirus technologies that combine zero hour antivirus scanning with antivirus engines to provide extensive and integrated threat protection- all from one vendor.
  • Powerful antispam protection- the breadth of security research and intelligence uniquely offers our customers with a solution that protects from even blended threats at the source.
  • Integrated reputation analysis- integrates with reputation services in our hosted infrastructure and provides deep connection level management on incoming email- greatly reducing server loads and ensuring comprehensive zero hour protection.
  • Easy to install and administer- provision of automatic database updates, flexible policy setting, market leading reporting, to create best in class protection with exceptional visibility and control.

Email Security Solutions For Business & Public Sector