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F-Secure DeepGuard

Proactive on-host protection against new and emerging threats

The case for proactive behavioral analysis 

One of the most demanding challenges security programs have had to address in the last few years has been the increasing diversification of attack vectors through which malware can arrive onto a host machine, especially as more applications, networks and services become hosted on or accessible over the Internet.


Common Power Quality issues when using Mains Power only- no UPS protection

Common Power Quality Issues when using Mains. Summary provided by Jigsaw Business Networks. visit us at UK Business Circle.


Check UPS fans, capacitors, batteries – before they FAIL on you!

A UPS operating at over 80% loading will usually require replacement components sooner than one operating at 75% and under!

When did you last check on any of these UPS part items? As part of our FREE no obligation site survey, we will inspect all of these & provide you with a proper written professional opinion of the current state of these essential UPS working part components.


So you think you’ve got your Web/Email…..

So you think you’ve got your Web, Email and Data Security covered? WRONG!

Wrong – unless you are already using the World’s ONLY fully integrated data security platform solution. We can help you to have far better proactive rather than reactive cyber security defences! Can you say YES to the following critically important questions:


Where the Wires End- WIFI consumer opinions and habits

With more devices on the planet than people, it goes without saying that wireless is no longer a bonus – it’s a necessity. By the end of 2015, Gartner expects 4.9 billion connected things to saturate the market (up 30 percent from 2014). By 2020, that number jumps to 25 billion. Today, users expect to connect wirelessly – and they expect this ability everywhere. Millions of new wireless devices are activated daily, and…


Cyber Dwell Time and Lateral Movement

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson, a young engineer at what is nowRaytheon BBN Technologies, introduced the ubiquitous “@” symbol and changed communication, as we know it. The launch of email, the expansion of networking and data sharing, along with the introduction of the domain name system has created technological, innovative opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide.


Business Service Efficiency

Energy costs continue to take up a significant portion IT budgets, and it seems that there is no end in sight. According to Gartner, “The underlying consumption of energy in large data centers to power and cool hardware infrastructure is likely to increase steadily during the next 10 years. This scenario is likely because of the increase in energy consumption of processors, servers, storage devices, and network-type appliances.” Many companies are already seeing their energy costs escalate.


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