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It is essential to review your current IT infrastructure to ensure that the technology deployed is kept up to date and that efficiencies are maximised wherever possible. Replacing ageing systems with more of the same will introduce ever increasing inefficiencies & spending more money without targeted replacement, won’t achieve the desired outcome. Jigsaw Business Networks (JBN) has built a portfolio of leading edge products which can help you to keep ahead of the game whether it’s about effective network management, concerns over internet and email threats, control of the user environment , fundamental protection of your power infrastructure, or overall business performance and comprehensive reporting needs. Our portfolio includes:

  • Network Performance Monitoring.  Integrated toolsets to monitor and manage your network.
  • Internet, Email & Data Security.  Comprehensive protection from internet and e-mail threats and sophisticated protection for your data to ensure it stays where it’s supposed to be. Both in-house and hosted solutions are available.
  • Desktop Management through Group Policy and Active Directory to ensure that your users can only do what you want them to do.
  • Environmentally responsible Power Management Systems that comply with the Energy Technology List established by the Carbon Trust.
  • Power Protection of the IT Network through UPS and Generators.  Eliminate problems resulting from uncontrolled system shut downs caused by power fluctuations or failures.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence & Performance Management.  Interrogate and analyse your business data to increase productivity and reduce costs across the board on an ongoing basis. Ensure that day to day activity is fully aligned with the business strategy.

JBN can provide FREE onsite surveys, product demonstrations or evaluation software to allow your Company to be better informed when choosing replacement IT technologies without having to commit budget upfront.  All our technologies are field proven with excellent references.

NB- We are offering a FREE comprehensive Electrical Installation  testing service to all our customers and contacts. We will ensure that your Building remains compliant with the relevant aspects of the Electricity at Work Regulations. Please contact us for further details.

JBN welcomes the opportunity to assist with improving your IT infrastructure with best of breed technologies & real Value for Money


Founded in 2004, Jigsaw Business Networks (JBN) has established an ever growing list of public & private sector customers that trust us to provide leading IT hardware, software & implementation services at Value for Money prices.

What is of particular significance is that there is an element of natural integration between our technologies.

This convergence just adds to the value that JBN brings to our clients.
Over 60 customers around the UK can vouch for our “beyond the ordinary professionalism”.


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